POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY and Justice for Families


Video from a unity event created and led by families who lost loved ones to police violence.

Laurie Valdez and Kimberly Phillips address the crowd about the need for police accountability at the De-Bug San Jose launch party.

people are being killed by law enforcement.

And left in the wake of the deaths are families who are torn apart - children growing up without their parent, and parents who have outlived their children. And despite the loss, there exists no clear and effective mechanism of accountability to hold officers accountable or give families a sense that justice will prevail.


Create a ground up movement led by Affected families that creates real and tangible accountability, and prevention policies to stop the killings.

This would require a divestment in law enforcement and an investment in community well-being. Informed by directly impacted families, the effort will develop a new protocol that both prevents deaths, and respects the families in the case of a tragedy. This means a re-examination of use of force policies, crisis intervention policies, independent investigation and trauma informed care by all relevant actors after an incident. Families should receive free legal assistance, and be able to access the victim assistance services. 




CAMPAIGN STATUS: We will continue into 2017

In 2016, San Jose families who have lost loved ones to law enforcement laid the foundation to end police violence. They lead a movement that has not only raised consciousness, it is creating tangible tools and strategies to save lives. We enter 2017 following Laurie Valdez's leadership in her creation of a unique and needed Families Healing Retreat. We also will be releasing a "First 24" -- a multimedia instructional for families on what to do to protect their rights and best position themselves in securing accountability immediately after a critical incident with law enforcement.