Video from a unity event created and led by families who lost loved ones to police violence.

Laurie Valdez and Kimberly Phillips address the crowd about the need for police accountability at the De-Bug San Jose launch party.

End police killings.

Both locally and statewide, De-Bug will be working on creating new models of accountability of law enforcement. In San Jose, this means a review of DA reports where they have declined to file charges on involve officers, as well as a comprehensive analysis project of officer involved lethal use of force data and disciplinary records. We will draw upon the opening of SB1421 gave us to review otherwise inaccessible information. From sharing our findings, we will develop a new accountability infrastructure which is informed directly from the cases in San Jose. Statewide, we will engage with partners to push initiatives to create more elevated use of force standards. We will be releasing our First 24 project, and VR project, to both directly share important and time sensitive material, and to engage in a larger public discussion about the immediate needs for police accountability,

As we start the year:
The new year begins in the wake of the death of Jenny Vasquez, who was killed by San Jose police on Christmas Day, and we honor the 21st birthday of Anthony Nunez. In fact, Jenny’s funeral, and Anthony’s birthday both happened on the first weekend of 2019. The network of families who have lost loved ones to police remain strong and committed to not only secure some measure of justice for those they lost, but also to prevent new “members” to their group. Statewide, we are trying to utilize the new tool of SB1421, which we fought for in 2018, which allows the public to retrieve what was previously unshareable material regarding critical use of force records as well as officer disciplinary records. The other legislative effort around accountability, in the form of AB931, both fell short of our hopes as well as was frozen in the process.We are supportive of AB392 -- a police use of force bill introduced by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Webber.



CAMPAIGN STATUS: We will continue into 2017

In 2016, San Jose families who have lost loved ones to law enforcement laid the foundation to end police violence. They lead a movement that has not only raised consciousness, it is creating tangible tools and strategies to save lives. We enter 2017 following Laurie Valdez's leadership in her creation of a unique and needed Families Healing Retreat. We also will be releasing a "First 24" -- a multimedia instructional for families on what to do to protect their rights and best position themselves in securing accountability immediately after a critical incident with law enforcement.