End Ice presence in Santa Clara County


Stop the detentions, apprehensions, and deportations of undocumented individuals in California. Eliminate the use of past criminal convictions for bases of deportation for our undocumented community.


In order to protect our immigrant communities from the attacks of this current administration and demystify the rhetoric around the criminalization of our families, we are working towards completely eliminating the access, presence, and visibility of federal immigration agencies in our county, to also serve as a model for the state. Not only are we focusing on the the physical presence of immigration agencies in our jails and city but expanding our reach into data sharing and what information becomes available to federal immigration agencies. Because we understand the intersectionality of the criminal and immigration court system, we continue to push to help those who are in the crosshairs of crimmigration through innovative ways of resolving past criminal convictions.

As we start the year:

Regardless of the attacks from the administration, the community is standing up and fighting back. We are starting conversations with county officials to make our Civil Detainer policy into an ordinance to further protect our community and create accountability system for any future violations. This includes the disclosure of data through virtual portales accesibile to immigration agencies. Also, removing any fields within those portals that can lead to the further persecution of our community. As a response, we are going to start doing community education forums of what to do when a loved one is detained by ICE that was created through our participatory defense model.





February 2016: SB 1052 is first introduced to the Legislature

April 19, 2016: SB 1052 set for first hearing in the Senate's Public Safety Committee in Sacramento, CA

August 23, 2016: SB 1052 passes State Assembly with a vote margin of 50 to 28.

CAMPAIGN STATUS: Will Continue into 2017

Though the campaign to protect Miranda rights for youth was successful in passing the California state senate and assembly, it was vetoed by Governor Brown. But the support from the legislature is indicative that the victory is inevitable. We will continue to work families, lawyers, and advocates across the state to get the legislation back on the Governor's desk to approve in 2017.


• Share:  You Have the Right to Remain Silent and What it Was Like When My Child Was Interrogated by Police

• Write the Governor's office and let him know you support SB 1052.