Over 70% of people detained in the Santa Clara County Jails are pretrial, meaning they have not been convicted of a crime.

They are incarcerated because they have been charged with a crime and can not afford bail. This means freedom from incarceration is based on whether or not people have the means for their release. As a result of pretrial incarceration, people suffer irrevocable harm -- the loss of employment, housing, and more. Those who do pay bail, do not get that money back, and families are often placed in debt as a result -- whether or not the person is ultimately convicted. 


Santa Clara County should eliminate the reliance on money bail.

Alternatives to money bail such as pretrial review, community driven assessment tools, and community release projects, can allow for a reduction in pretrial detention, while also maintaining public safety and court appearances.




February 2014: Santa Clara County Convenes Bail and Work
Release Group

February 2016: Santa Clara County Convenes Fourth Bail and Work Release Group to Study County Recommendations

August 2016: Final Bail and Release Work Group After Bail Industry Lobbyists Submits Responses to Recommendations

October 2016: Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will vote on recommendations proposed by the Bail and Release Work Group

October 4, 2016: Santa Clara County votes in unprecedented bail reform initiatives.

Campaign Status: We Won!

On October 4th, 2016 the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted in unprecedented bail reform measures that will significantly reduce the number of people detained pretrial, as well as reduce the usage of the money bail system. The boards vote was the culmination of a two year campaign, and has set the pace for the rest of California. The victory also includes innovations in pretrial justice that may set the model for the nation -- such as the Community Release Project.

Gail Noble addressed the crowd about the need for bail reform at the De-Bug San Jose launch party.


Email or call County Board of Supervisors and ask that they vote for the recommendations from the Bail and Release Work Group.

Supervisor Mike Wasserman: Mike.Wasserman@bos.sccgov.org

Supervisor Ken Yeager: Supervisor.Yeager@bos.sccgov.org

Supervisor Joe Samitian: Supervisor.Simitian@bos.sccgov.org

Supervisor Dave Cortese: Dave.Cortese@bos.sccgov.org

Supervisor Cindy Chavez: Cindy.Chavez@bos.sccgov.org

Attend the October 4th, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting when they will vote on the Bail and Release Work Group Recommendations.

Send in your bail stories to: info@siliconvalleydebug.com // or let us know if you are willing to be interviewed.

Share the Santa Clara County Bail Fail Motion Infographic on social media.