chronicling the campaigns and initiatives that will make life better for people in san jose if we win.

In the various spaces our De-Bug community operates in, we see exciting and urgently needed campaigns that emerged in criminal justice reform, economic justice, housing, and immigrant rights for San Jose in 2016. And at every march, rally, and action for these seemingly independent struggles, we see an opportunity for our collective community to collaborate beyond siloed issues, and support each other to increase the likelihood of victory in all fronts. Plus, San Jose's diverse community is fighting on all these fronts, so why not expand the frame of political identity beyond singular issues? De-Bug San Jose is a vehicle for this movement oriented 

This site provides a common platform for San Jose to see the aims and developments of a number of active campaigns that will be decided this year.

Each campaign page, regardless of issue, is formatted in a straightforward template:

  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • Key Material
  • Media
  • Timeline and Status
  • How to Assist the Campaign

Different Paths, Same Destination: Justice and Opportunity for San Jose
And though the reporting on each campaign uses a common framework, you will see each has different decision-makers that must be influenced, and different pathways where community voice can secure a win. Some campaigns depend on the support of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (Bail and Jail reform), some by the voters of California (Proposition 57 and SB 1052), and some elected officials in the City of San Jose (Stopping Crime Free Housing Plan.) In some campaigns, San Jose stands to lead unprecedented nation-leading reforms, such as in the recommendations around bail reform and the Opportunity to Work initiative. In others, the campaign is simply trying to address the widening gulf of opportunity in San Jose, such as in the sanctioned encampments for the homeless and ending an city effort to evict treat those targeted by law enforcement. And perhaps no campaign more illustrates how justice is as urgent as life or death then the campaign for independent oversight of the jail.

We made this site so rather than people in San Jose feeling as if they must choose which single effort they will fight for, we can bring our communities together to bring a unified power for our collective future. We see labor activists fighting for criminal justice reform, and immigrant rights advocates fighting for housing of the homeless. A common refrain in community organizing is "we are stronger together then apart" and on De-Bug San Jose, we intend to prove that belief to be true by putting it into practice.

2016 is arguably the most significant year in recent history in San Jose in determining whether we can be a city that stands for justice and opportunity for of our residents. Let's win justice for everyone in San Jose, by fighting for all the campaigns that need support to do just that. And in doing so, we will De-Bug San Jose.